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This site grew from the original "Heart Bud" publication, which is written by Wisdom - the wisdom of experience. . .and is a product of Poetic Publications - www.poeticpublications.com

 ~ Dedication ~

   This third issue of the Heart Bud is (like all others) dedicated to healing the Heart of humanity. But it is also dedicated to the uncountable numbers of researchers, scientists, engineers, authors...etc., who have been tortured into silence or  lost their lives while fighting to bring public awareness to the Technological Holocaust that is now happening globally; to all Primary Targeted Individuals who are crying out for help that is not there for us; to all individuals, families, communities and countries that are suffering the effects of being targeted with microwave weapons and remain unaware; and to the rest of humanity - that they soon realize what is happening and let their Hearts rise up to regain the freedom we've already lost.

 ~ Introduction ~

   ”The Heart Bud” is written by Wisdom - by the wisdom of direct experience. . .and is rising, like a resurrecting phoenix, from the ashes of destruction, to reach the heart of humanity.

If you read with your Heart you’ll See

    The Heart Bud is being created and produced by  a woman (Sharon R. Poet - Sharon LaBree) who’d accomplished the “all American dream,” with full ownership of a large country home...etc., before unusual chains of losses and difficulties left her destitute and homeless.
   She started this mission in 2004 with a publication called, “The Personal Journal,” which was produced from November 2004 to January 2006. (Her aim was to do her part with helping to heal the Heart of humanity and also to earn enough from her writings to build at lease one healing/recovery center for people who need a safe, supportive environment to heal from devastating losses or experiences.
   After her efforts were sabotaged and shoved into bankruptsy, and as she dealt with a serious case of Lupus, she restarted it in the Spring of 2007 with a news paper entitled, “Sharon’s Bud.” After the second issue was distributed in the Portsmouth, NH area in 2008, she decided to remove her name from it. The Heart Bud is now building the Wisdom of her mistakes and experiences into each issue.

   Sharon has repeatedly lifted her pen to carve a healing path through her pain - through the devastation that surrounded the loss of her Loudon, NH home, a fire in her Andover/Potter Place, NH home, multiple losses of loved ones, her experiences around a flash flood, which wiped out her Alstead, NH neighborhood. . .while facing the terror of being stalked, threatened and targeted by what appeared to be some sort of satanic occult.

 After a bit of investigating into the reasons for the lethal targetings she’s been a victim of, she realized that she is merely one of many thousands of victims of an operation that is now a serious threat to all of humanity. This realization has fueled her drive to reach the Heart of humanity and expose a lethal targeting that is taking place with technologies that most people do not realize exist and are left with no defense against.
   Sharon is producing this publication from in the vehicle she lives in. But she says, “This isn’t really about me. I am merely one tiny sample that I use as a big example. I simply write what I experience and see with hope for all of humanity. . .myself included.”
   Sharon grew up on a farm in New Hampshire and has naturally expressed her feelings through writing songs and poetry since early childhood. She’s written several books, over seventy songs and dreams of completing a series of children's books, four CDs of her songs...etc.

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~ Notes ~

   Most of the entries in this printing have been slightly altered since the previous one, because “The Heart Bud” is still in the process of growing into all that its meant to be. It hopes to soon attain enough sponsorship to continue growing in size and begin soaring into communities throughout the world. If there is anything you can do to help this process it will be deeply appreciated.
   Please excuse my bloops and blunders. I am still producing these publications while being targeted and threatened and homeless. I am doing the best I can under indescribably difficult circumstances.


~ Gratitude ~

    I feel grateful to the Highest Power (God) for helping me find the courage and strength to produce this issue of “The Heart Bud” under conditions that have made it seem  impossible.
  A huge THANK YOU to the sponsors who paid for ads and especially to those who donated or helped me through this grueling process of being heavily targeted while obtaining advertisers to cover the printing of this issue.

This issue of the Heart Bud is not yet finished. But I am sharing it, because I'm concerned that I may not be able to complete and distribute it. I have what feels like may be a tumor suddenly growing the back left side of my head. I am experiencing mild  uncontrollable nerve twitching in the past couple days and a lot of pain in that part of my head since last night. In the past two days I have experienced unusually heavy microwaving of my head. I hope it will just soon pass and that I will be OK. But what is happening to me is so different from the usual targeting that it has me feeling a need to ask PLEASE....if anything happens to prevent me from finishing and distributing this Third full issue of The Heart Bud, would you please. . .
Please help physical printings of it 
to reach the Heart of Humanity


I hope it touches your Heart