Foundation of Humanity

Lets clean it up
The state of our world is a reflection
Of the state of our families and the state of our families is a reflection of the state of our world.

    Being a Primary Targeted Individual means that my whole family had also been targeted with mind control manipulations and thrust into a turmoil that lead to a complete separation between them and I. However, I feel certain that, no matter what kinds of mind control and gang stalker lies had been delivered, there would not have been such success with it if we had not already had too many unhealed issues and dysfunctional ways of dealing with problems. My experiences tell me that we can not be easily manipulated into something that is not already brewing inside us. These sadistic criminals who are targeting humanity are succeeding, because humanity had already been in such a wounded state. And its up to us to turn it around.
    When I step back and look at our troubled world, it appears that the only way we’re going to fully heal it is to bring more Love and stability into its foundation, into its roots - into our families.
  Within our families we need more support for healthy grieving during times of loss. Within our families we need more of the kind of Love that would not put us down, aim to hurt us or hold us back. Within our families we need less hidden inappropriate sexual behaviors and less mental and emotional abuse. Within our families we need more love, more comfort, more integrity, more compassion - more heart and more support in the process of growing into the wonderfully unique individuals we all are.
   We need our families to be our places of refuge - our safe sanctuaries. Families can't be perfect. But I feel sure that we can do a lot better than what we are now doing - we can listen to our Hearts and be here for each other on deeper levels instead of the other way around.
   In order to have a more positive impact on our world we need MOST of our families to be safe, kind and supportive MOST OF THE TIME. . .and for them to hold a Heart out to those that aren’t.
   I feel certain that there are far more secretly troubled families than we realize, in EVERY class of society. With what appears to be a satanic occult targeting families with evil subliminal messaging through our TVs, computers, cell phones and remote microwave technologies we are in need of drastic countermeasures. Many of us do not seem to even realize how wounded our families are becoming.
   Within many families there exists a silent rule which says, "it's not OK to face or talk about the damaging things that happen within the family," which prevents healing. Protecting the reputation or appearance of the family is often more important than healing from its mistakes and making things better. Even in the mildest situations, this is damaging.
   Please believe that none of this is about judging our families. It’s about striving to make things better - it’s about healing – its about bringing more Love into humanity through the foundation it is built on.
   When we face and heal the painful experiences we stuff into our childhood it lightens our load and frees the

   Through my efforts to try to understand why some of my own family members treated me as badly as they did, I grew to realize that, within each of their Hearts was a wounded child who needed an outlet for the pain they’d not yet healed. (This was before I realized that a huge part of it is because we are one of many families that has been used for remote technological experimentation.)
   I was the scapegoat in a family where denial grew into such damaging levels of mental abuse that I’ve had to remain almost completely separate from them through most of my adult life. But I still love them.
  Although I wish we could all be connected in a good, healthy, healing way I now accept that this will probably never happen.
   There are many families who are in this sort of crippled state. And its just too sad that some of us need to protect ourselves from our own families.
   But I feel that family members who hurt us deserve as much compassion as we do. We all make mistakes that have ill effects on our children, siblings, parents…etc. And its important for us to face our own mistakes as well as the things we feel hurt by, even if it breaks some dysfunctional family rules, because this is what will help our families heal into a better place.

   Pulling family skeletons out of closets may create a bit of chaos, for a while, but when the focus is on healing instead of blaming it is sure to have good results.

   Since the mid 1980s, as I aimed to heal from childhood difficulties and then began sharing my healing process in my writings, I've been dealt painful levels of judgment, from all directions. This has been extremely difficult. But in my heart I know that EVERY family has its own share of problems, and that those who leap to point fingers and pass judgment and prevent healing are the ones who have the biggest problems. NO family is perfect and a lot more healing will take place when we realize this and stop judging each other into hiding our problems and preventing healing.
   Our children Truly are “humanity’s future.”  
How can they heal our future until we are 
Healthy enough to keep them whole?

by Wisdom

We can't heal the future
Until we feel the past.
We must look behind us
And face the pain at last.
If we want tomorrow
To fill with Love and trust,
We must face the yesterday
That's lost inside of us.
If we wish to open
Our Hearts and truly care,
    We must first embrace
The sadness hidden there.

Child I Used To Be
by Wisdom

On a lonely summer day I sat at the forest's edge
Feeling the impact of life's hard lessons,
When she came to me, a mere child of three,
In soiled, worn-out clothes and hair of honey gold.
I stared at her in wonder - taking in all I could see,
Realizing that she was the child I used to be.
I thought my eyes deceived until she began to speak -
Glaring at me with big brown eyes, as tears covered her cheeks,
"You spend your life searching but don't remember and see,
That I have been here waiting for you to return to me.
You ran away and forgot the great plans we had for you -
The joyful games we'd play and magical things we'd do."
She sat on the ground rubbing her cold, bare feet
Crying, "You didn't take me with you
To the people we were to meet!
You forgot the castles we were to build in the sand,
And not once did you even TRY to hold my little hand!"
She bowed her head, declaring with a sigh,
"And worst of all, you forgot how to laugh and cry!"
My heart filled with sadness. I knew she was right.
I'd left her to grope alone on a cold and dreary night.
In over twenty years did not return or ever even try
To find the child I cast away. . .for the pain I hid inside.
I reached for her shaking hand and asked if she'd forgive,
While making a sincere promise that, together, we would live.
She climbed into my lap, where we held each other and cried,
Until joy was what was left of the pain we felt inside.

 Healing the world begins and finishes 
With the healing of our individual Hearts.