Heart Touching Poetry


I work until I’m through,
Needle weaving thread -
Mending the broken life
My deepest wounds
Have lead;
Dropping silent tears
Into crooked seams
Until the path is clear
And the pain is cleaned.
In the end I’ll place
A pocket here and there
Where I can safely carry
A Heart that cries to care.

Finding my Friend 
by Wisdom
A long time ago I lost a dear friend
But I promised myself I'd find her again.
For, nothing on earth could ever replace
The Love I remember on my friends face.

In the East I climbed to the tallest peak
Over every mountain I did seek.
In the South I waded through jungles of green
Got lost in the thicket, forever, it seemed.

In the West I rode facing much pain
Groping to find my dear friend again.
In the North I laid over frozen streams
Waiting for an answer to come in my dreams.

On the Earth I sat in the warm sunshine
Praying for a vision of this friend of mine.
To the Skies I gazed with eyes open wide
Looking for the place where she might hide.

Then, one day, I stepped up the smallest hill
Where, inside my doorstep, I sat very still.
I opened my heart and began to see
The Love I had searched for, inside of me.

Rhododendron Grow
 by Wisdom

I planted them there,
Beneath my broken chair,
In the late days of fall,
As the hawk made his call.
Their home has been changed -
The earth rearranged.
They need time to heal -
Another year to feel,
For the roots to find their way
Into a safe place to stay,
Beneath the rain and sun.
Then it will be done.
In the warm days of spring,
I'll check them once again.
If I melt away the snow
And let the blossoms grow,
Next year there'll be more -
A pathway to my door.
But now they just need time
For limbs to grow and climb.
Rhododendron grow
Underneath the snow.
Nobody knows.
It scantly shows.


 by Wisdom

I sit at the edge of my bed
Trying to talk to you
While you coldly ignore me.
My lonely eyes watch you
Roam around the room
Rescuing little ladybugs.
So carefully, you pick them up,
With love and consideration,
Cradling them gently
In the palm of your hands,
Delivering them to a place
Where they will be safe.
On the outside,
I am stuck in my anger
And my need to be heard.
But deep down inside of me,
There's a sad little voice
That is silently crying,
"I wish I were a ladybug!"

Wind Turbines
by Wisdom

They paint a mysterious song.
Each feather reaching for the wind.
So secure, so safe, so strong,
Like all I yearn to be
Inside this little speck
I dare to see as, Me.
Perhaps the day shall come,
When time and Earth are one,
I’ll spread my tattered wings
Into the rising sun
And let my feathers spin
Around what’s not begun;
Like these turbines they set free
To help our dieing world
 Heal and grow and See.

The Race
by Wisdom

When clouds roll in,
Darkening the Light of day,
We sometimes wonder why
Life deals us such dismay.
If it reaches a point
Where the best we can do
Is hold the broken pieces
And strive to make it through,
Lets let each bump in our path
Become a higher step to take
And every joy in the future -
What today's tears can make.
All the years ahead
Can shine through the past
When we crawl the race
Where the strongest finish last.