Buds of Wisdom

“It’s through
Adversity that
 We gain strength”
But it’s through Love
That we heal.

Exposing the dark
Turns it to Light

True Wisdom comes from Direct experience

 We’ll all be Happier When its OK to cry.

I find strength
And Love
In my tears.
I find weakness
And depression
In my avoidance
Of them.

Each Layer of pain
That’s faced and released
 Lightens our load
And paves a piece
Of future’s road.

Only as
Deeply as
We allow
To feel our

Sometimes the most
Healing things
Are the ones we
Do not want
To feel or hear.

The Heart of sadness is Love.

Crying Opens Hearts

No matter how difficult
Life is today,
No matter how much
Is torn away,
The Sun will rise
On all of humanity,
As we embrace our tears
And set Love free.

Sometimes we must expose the “bad”
So it can turn to “good”

Light and Love reaches us
Through our Hearts.
The dark wants to
Keep us in our minds!

A ministers job is to
Serve the people.
God is the one
Who Leads them.

Money is becoming
The world’s most
Meaningless necessity.

Gossip Hurts People!

Sometimes people
Pretend to be kind
Because they don’t
Realize they are

When we feel like we don’t
Get Enough for what we give,
We haven't given anything.

Exposing the dark
Turns it to Light


Intentions matter far more
Than actions or words

Trust, as if you’ve
Never been betrayed
But let your intuition
Lead the way

It’s OK to Feel Sad

We must let our tears wash our face,
So we can save the human race,
Then turn around and open a door
To those who can’t be hurt anymore.

Only as
Deeply as
We allow
To feel our

No matter what they think -
 No matter what they say,
The Truth remains the same.

Just because YOU don’t See it doesn’t mean its not there!


Religion is a word that can make many of us cringe. Why? Because following a religion often means shoving ourselves into the debilitating box of another human being’s perceptions of what the God - Highest Power expects of us.

   Some of us need to strictly follow a particular religion, in order to fulfill a life purpose or prevent us from drifting onto a destructive path. And the opposite extreme is that some of us don’t believe in a Higher Power, because we’ve not experienced it. Some of us have explored different religions and realize that the core of most are the same and what exists around that core is merely the perceptions of man.  And the list goes on.
   I was raised Christian and remain closest to that path although I’ve also done a lot of exploring and am open to other religions. I believe that no one religion is completely right, that none are completely wrong, and that we all have a right to follow our Hearts into whatever direction we were born to take, irregardless of which religion, if any, we choose. . .without being looked down upon or judged.

What matters most is how we live our lives - how we treat our fellow human beings - how much Heart we share.
(This is the message that resides in the core of most religions)

   I feel, in my heart, that when religions stop judging and arrogantly placing themselves above or separate from “others” we will all be a lot better off, because each religion seems to hold a valuable peace of a puzzle which, when linked together, can bring us more of the genuine peace and Love we need here on Earth.

Road to God

It matters not
Which road
We choose,
In order to
Reach Love.
May we unite,
Not only in
Our destination,
But also in our
Acceptance of
The unique paths
Some of us must take,
In order to get there.

Peace of Simplicity
 As more and more of us are hit with financial losses, I find myself hoping that we can find peace in letting go of unneeded THINGS and learn to enjoy a way of life, which proves that “more is less & less is more,” because it really is, as long as our basic needs for shelter, health and safety are met.

   In the late 1980s I began to simplify my life by getting rid of unneeded items. Through this process I often had to sit myself down and ask, "Do I NEED this or do I just WANT it?" If "want" was the answer I either gave it away or sold it.
   Within a few years I was almost down to bare necessities. I can't tell you how freeing and empowering this was!
    I later took this to the next step and lived off the grid in a small hunter’s cabin - my "Adirondack Shack”, where I had no electricity, no septic, no well, no appliance noise, much less worry and a lot more peace. During my year and a half in this cabin I realized how little I needed, in order to stay warm, healthy and happy.

   We don’t really need most of the THINGS we have. . .and when we stop wanting so much of what we don’t need, we’ll be much better of financially, emotionally, physically and mentally, because wanting more leaves us forever unsatisfied and wanting/having less relieves stress, lessens financial burdens and promotes peace. . .especially in the current economies.
   Most of us want less stress, more financial security, more peace and an easier lifestyle, but are we willing to let go of the extra THINGS, which often keep us from them?
   Sadly, some of us are being forced to and just need to realize that it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Learning to live with less can increase our quality of life and give us more time to do the things that matter most.
   Life gives us enough to stress over, without having to worry about the THINGS we don’t have and the extra THINGS we struggle to pay for. Having more than what we need feeds stress, greed and the delusion of more being better.
    All any of us really NEED is a safe comfortable place to live, the means to keep ourselves healthy and do what we were born to do with our lives.

“More is Less”
It really is

P.S. I wish I knew who first came up with the phrase, “more is less” so I could give credit where credit is due. It surely came from a wise soul who dared to look into our Hearts and know.