Living with Less

  More really is less
And less can be more

    As we face rising economical difficulties many of us are learning how to live with less than what we were accustomed to. Some are cutting back on spending. Some are losing their jobs and homes. And most are struggling between these two extremes.   As I’ve been forced to live with a lot less than what I was originally accustomed to, I am realizing how little I really need, in order to survive. In the five bedroom house I’d owned in Andover, NH, I used primarily three rooms - my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
   Although I now struggle in unhealthy levels of poverty, I don’t miss most of the THINGS I had back then. Sometimes I miss having my own private shower, a frig and a stove to cook on, a comfortable couch in front of a fireplace...etc. But I’m learning to get by without these THINGS.
   My greatest needs have become, ‘a feeling of safety and genuine kindness from my fellow human beings.’ When I have these two things, I feel like I can face almost anything. When they are lacking I sometimes feel too lost and scared.
   I recently drove by a huge house, which must have had close to 12 rooms, where just ONE elderly woman lives. And I thought to myself, ‘if she filled her spare bedrooms with neighbors who are also struggling to pay the heat bills, they’d ALL be far better off’.
  But I understand that this could be a difficult shift for all concerned. As times get tough many of us are being pushed into sharing our THINGS more than we are accustomed to, and we are being called into opening our Hearts to deeper levels of kindness and compassion for our fellow human beings. We are being called to reach out to those in need and move closer together, on EVERY level, in order to survive the tough times we are heading into.

   Two families heating one home through the winter months, is far better than two families losing two homes. 
Think about it.

Lets join hands
And be willing to let go of
Some of what we WANT
So we can ALL have
What we NEED.

Facing tough times and living in closer proximity to each other can raise tempers and emotions. So, we will also need to learn greater levels of self control on top of greater levels of compassionate consideration for our fellow human beings. We may struggle with this. But it will be good for us.

Less Religion - Deeper Connections to God
  No one religion has ALL the answers, although some may think they do. I feel that the highest spiritual Truths are scattered throughout the world with key pieces in each religion - religions which need to find the heart to unit, in order for the puzzle to finally come together.

   I have a deep faith in God, but it does not matter to me what this highest sorce of Love and Light is called. I have always believed that every one of us is connected to the Highest Power and that that relationship is personal and EXTREMELY important and best left untainted by other people's perceptions, once it is formed. Since some of the churches seem involved in this American Holocaust, and others are being targeted, it is leaving us with few places to go for GENUINE loving support through this crisis.I feel closer to God when I am standing alone, than when I am having my ears filled with a self proclaimed minister's perceptions of what my perceptions should be. God's Love is something I strive to open up to FEEL, which can not be done with our minds.


   We can turn the falling of religions into a good thing that forces a deeper, more direct and more genuine connection to God, instead of the opposite. At this time in this crisis, God's Love and Light is all that is TRULY here for those of us who are Targeted Individuals and we don't need a church, in order to connect to it, we just need to do it with our Hearts. I hope we all do.

 Way to go

I heard a preacher say
“women should follow men.”
I was sure I’d misunderstood
Until he said it again!

Oh God help our lost world-
Help us all to know
That You are the only one
Who can lead our way to go.

And please help the men -
This darker side of men,
To open up to Your Love
And find their Hearts again.

So we can ALL take our place,
Standing side by side,
And fill this lonely gap
That’s growing far too wide.

No matter which gender,
The ones who must lead,
Are the ones who open Heart
For God to plant a seed

Dear God
Yes, I hear
The dreams you speak.
But I need to feel you.
I’m still weak.

Let me rest,
A moment please,
Inside the Love
You have for me.

Let me gain
The strength I need
To patch these holes
Where I still bleed.