Economical Herbing

Spend Less and Preserve Your Health
   In the mid 1980’s I began exploring and successfully using herbs instead of pharmaceuticals for minor illnesses like colds, flu, infections…etc., and was amazed by the results. The healing powers of raw Herbs  extend far beyond pharmaceuticals and have none of the harmful side effects, when used properly.
   In the mid 1980s, my oldest daughter suffered from recurring ear infections and had undergone several rounds of antibiotics prior to a doctor suggesting surgically putting tubes in her ears. Instead of allowing the surgery I cracked open my herb books and ended up successfully using garlic drops - a little olive oil and a few cloves of garlic (less than one dollar) to permanently cure her ear infections! The garlic didn't do much for the way she smelt ;-) but it prevented the surgery and was better for her on EVERY level.
    Another example is when a friend's child came down with a severe case of impetigo and I gave her Callendula ointment, which ended up curing the infection, although her doctor had stated that, “only one particular antibiotic can cure impetigo.” 
   An amazing number of things can be quickly cured with apple cider vinegar, including painful bladder and urinary tract infections.
   When my immune system was seriously compromised by a life threatening case of lupus, I treated my physical symptoms with a measured combination of four herbs, which are a proven cure for cancer and many other ailments. Variations of this formula are being sold in health food stores under the name of, “Essiac”. But it is said that the original Essiac recipe, made up fresh with the raw herbs, is the most effective way of using this formula. The Canadian nurse who successfully used this recipe on cancer patients is said to have been shoved into a battle with parts of the government and medical profession who wanted to prevent its use and prevent it from being share with the public. Cassie followed her Heart and you can read more about her story and freely obtain the original Essiac recipe on the following site:

   I've used homemade herbal teas and concoctions for more things than I can count or list. My daughters could tell you a few horror stories about what some of them smelt and tasted like. But they worked, had no damaging side effects and saved me money.
   You can do it too. You can pick up a good book on healing with raw herbs and find out that many of the medicines you need are right in your own back yards and cost nothing. Others can be easily found at herb stores or in the produce departments of grocery stores.

There will be a lot less illness in our world when we return
 to the Earth’s raw resources for preventative and cures.

Lets do it!