Angelic Experience

 Love is Always Here

    During a time when I was struggling through several devastating losses, I entered into the most painful emotional release I've ever experienced. . .and one of the most comforting spiritual experiences I've ever had.
   As my body curled up on the floor during my third full day of almost constant crying, my stomach convulsed and my voice hoarsely moaned in pain. I tried to stop the aching flow of tears! But I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried! I'd gone beyond the point of return. My eyes were almost too swollen to see out of. My chest and stomach deeply ached. And I'd not been able to eat for days. This scared me! I understood the healing powers of letting myself deeply grieve, in order to release my pain. I'd done this before. But this time, it went so far beyond my comfort zones that it completely overwhelmed me.
   I prayed for help. I begged The Higher Powers  to help me pull myself out of it. I felt as if I'd fallen over the edge of a cliff into an endless abyss and I feared that I was never going to make it back out. But, right at the point, when I knew that I absolutely could not handle anymore, I felt a presence embracing me.
   Its impossible to fully describe this. I'm not sure if this presence was a Guardian Angel, Jesus or God. But, I felt as if I were being cradled in the arms of Love itself. This feeling was so powerful and so comforting that my tears of sadness became tears of gratitude - gratitude that I was not as alone as I'd felt - that there was someone here for me. I'd needed this. I'd needed this more than these words can imagine.
   With Love surrounding me, I was able to release even more of my pain. I continued to cry until my body lay sleeping in the arms of this ‘Angel’. When I woke, I wrote the following song about the messages I'd received from the Love that embraced me.

Message from an Angel
by Wisdom

I am the sadness seizing your Heart
That will, in time, with healing, depart.
I am the tear caressing your cheek.
I am your strength. I am not weak.
I am the pressure in your chest -
Learning to fly. . .Leaving the nest.
I am the memory of years gone by.
I am the breath that leaves with a sigh.
I am the child within your being.
I am all knowing and all seeing.
I am the voice echoing in your head.
You have not lost me. I am not dead.
I am the Joy. You must believe!
I am the Love you need receive.
I will not leave you. . .will not say bye.
I've come to hold you while you cry.