A call for us to hold onto or return to who we
are and what we were born to do with our lives

   I feel that single one of us is gifted in a unique way. . .some of us are gifted in earthly ways, some are gifted in intellectual ways, some are gifted in creative ways, some are gifted in spiritual ways...etc. But many of us don't listen to our callings, because its hard to strike out on "the road less traveled," especially when it doesn’t look like it will bring the money we view as a symbol of success.
   We often fail to realize how important it is for us to honor our own individual Gifts. Consequently, there is very little support for such uniqueness in our copy-cat world. Yet, when we cast aside our own natural Gifts, in order to do what will bring more money or recognition, we also cast aside our own personal power -

We become like herds of sheep running off a cliff,
After losing ourselves in greed’s engulfing mist.

   Have you ever noticed that the one thing, which most historically famous people have in common, is that they passionately put their Hearts and Souls into their work, WITHOUT following or copying any other human being? History’s best writers, scientists, inventors, spiritual leaders, philosophers...etc., reached into the depths of their own Hearts and Souls and used the Gifts they were born with, instead of copying other people’s. This is the lesson they left for us to learn.

We are all wonderful. We are all Gifted.
And we must reach into our Hearts and Souls,
In order to find the Gift that naturally knows.

   Those of us who are gifted on spiritual levels can have more difficulty with the process of openly honoring our Gifts because, throughout history, those who are born with deep levels of insightfulness, intuitiveness, healing abilities, prophetic abilities...etc., have been too grossly misunderstood, wrongly labeled and harshly judged. This is sad, because its still happening and hurting innocent people.
   At this point in time, there also exists the flip side of this. Since its starting to become “cool” to be a healer or psychic...etc., there are so many wonna-bes jumping into the “spiritually gifted” rolls, that its damaging the credibility of genuine ones, which is destructive for all of us.
   The very best we can possibly do with our lives is embrace the Gift we were born with -  embrace what came natural to us, when we were children, and use it in our life's work. . .as well as accepting the Gifts in others, even when we don’t understand them. 
   It does not matter if we were born to be a mechanic, a writer, a waitress, a doctor, a politician, a hairdresser, a poet, a farmer, a parent, a psychic, a secretary, a carpenter, a billionaire, an actor, a minister, a prophet...etc. No purpose is higher than or lower than any other - we all have equal importance. And we are all here to help each other.
   When we put our Hearts into our own Gifts, we put more Love into people's cars, people's food, people's books, people's music, people's lives...etc. Lets do it.

When we use our own Gifts and accept the
Gifts in others, we all become more whole
And the world becomes more balanced

What is YOUR natural Gift?
Find it. Embrace it. Use it. Don’t lose it.

Recovering the Bud of a Dream

If you’ve lost your business, job, partner or home and are wondering what to do next, perhaps  it’s time to dig into your own Heart - into the closets where forgotten dreams reside.

    I’m over 50 years old and didn’t start completely following my heart into my soul's dream until I was in my
forties. Although I’d been aware of my life’s purpose when I was a young child, I’d let myself be torn from it and chose professions that looked like they’d deliver more money. I’d worked hard and had accomplished the ‘all American dream’ and was even mortgage free by the age of forty. But it all felt empty and meaningless. I wasn’t happy with my jobs and I felt like a failure in my personal life.
   When all that I’d built suddenly began to crumble in a chain of disasters I felt devastated. It hurt to lose what I’d worked so hard to achieve. It hurt like hell! But I strived to pick up my self esteem and began, more fully following my heart into the depths of my life’s purpose - into sharing my poems and songs with the rest of humanity.

My initial losses lead me into the depths of my own heart -  into what I should have been doing with my life from the start.

   It hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been the most difficult road I’ve traveled. I’ve crashed more times than not, and have been faced with one obstacle after an other and haven’t even begun to make enough money to cover the costs of my work. But, I’m doing the parts that I can and. . .overall, I feel more content than ever before. Re-claiming this part of my neglected dream is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I find deep satisfaction in knowing that I’m finally following my heart into what I was born to be doing with my life. Everything else feels like a waste of time and energy, if its not helping me to produce and share my writings.
   Though there have been times when I’ve fallen back into letting other people’s advice, or letting my own fear, drag me off my path, I keep returning to it, because this is what I was born to do.
   If you are reading this in a booklet, I accomplished another little part of my dream and I hope you do it too - I hope you follow your Heart into making your dreams come true no matter how much money it does or doesn’t make for you. Just do what you can.

If you find yourself feeling lost or wondering what to do next with your life, Dive - dive into a neglected dream and pry it into the blossom it was born to be.