Support Group Guidelines

We can help each other through tough times by forming support groups.
Here are a few guidelines if you’d like to start one.

~ Support Group Guidelines ~

1. Each member must join with deep levels of integrity
(The group must have a safe, respectful feeling in order for it to be healing)

2. Make a firm commitment to stick with it for at least a few months
(This will allow time for trust to build between members)

3. Remain consistent with times and dates
(This creates a feeling of stability and security.)

4. Pass leadership around, so that no one has complete control of the group
(This helps prevent it from creeping into dysfunctional patterns.)

5. Take turns sharing - with only one person talking at a time
 (Perhaps use a "Talking Stick" and refrain from advise giving unless it’s asked for)

6. Focus on empathizing with each individual who shares
(So that everyone feels heard and cared for)

7. Practice strict levels of confidentiality
(Never repeat what other members share unless they give permission.)

Start each meeting with a short meditation for relaxation and end it with a group hug. Add any other guidelines or exercises that your group agrees upon. Keep in mind that sudden losses can trigger feelings which have been long suppressed, so it’s natural to be facing childhood trauma or other past losses along with the present situation. Embrace it ALL so that healing can take place.