True Giving

    True Giving is a wonderful thing. When a person offers to help me, and I feel that the offer is genuinely from their Heart, it touches my heart in a wonderful way - in a way that makes me want to fully let it in and pass it on. And when I find room in my heart to Truly Give, I feel as if I’ve received a special gift. What they say is True,

 “Giving is Receiving.”


      I feel that most of us need to learn more about TRUE Giving, because it’s starting to be needed more than ever in our troubled world. . .and is too often done out a selfish quest for us to feel better about ourselves or to look better to other people. Our own greed and selfishness often prevents us from TRULY giving, especially when it comes to giving money.
   Recently, I find it amazing - the excuses we use to feel better about not helping people who are in need. We convince ourselves that, “its their choice” or “their fault”...that they are struggling. But the REAL Truth is that those of us who continue to struggle just haven't gotten the type of help we need, no matter what the situation is. Most struggling people need money and/or FAIR paying jobs. Some need rehab. Some need time to meditate and heal an illness. Many need SAFE places to live. Most just need to know that someone REALLY cares and wants to hear about their problems. There are NO VALID excuses for not helping our fellow human beings, in the ways that they need help.

It is pure selfish greed
That leaves people in need

In an old Native American tradition, it’s required that we never let anyone know what we’ve done to help another person. This is to keep our egos out of it and keep our Hearts into it. I feel that most of us can learn something from this sort of tradition. I know I can.