In Light of Healing

   In 1986, after a neurologist performed a second surgery on my spine and then told me I’d remain 25% permanently disabled in my legs. As this reality gripped my fear I sought alternatives to a third surgery, which would fuse at least three vertebrae and ad to my limited mobility.
   As I leaped into the use of herbs, Rieki, yoga and prayer I was surrounded by skeptics in my family and neighborhood. Natural healing methods, especially spiritual ones, were not very common in the 1980s. Some people even foolishly thought I was becoming some sort of  "witch...” But I followed my heart and stuck with it, because I knew it was good and healing.

   After about two years of doing energy work and yoga I had regained 100% of the feeling and strength back into my legs. My determination to heal and the yoga stretches played important roles in my healing process, because I rode them into deep levels of release. But the channeling of pure white Light into my body seemed to help more than anything else.
   During this time I also successfully used energy work on other people, like my father in law, who had been diagnosed with terminal stages of cancer. When I worked on him he often mentioned a noticeable decrease in his physical pain and I sometimes felt his Heart opening.
   All I did was open myself up to God's healing light, through meditating/visualizing pure white Light flowing through me. The rest was all God's work.
   Since then, I drifted away from practicing Rieki and have even forgot it's specific techniques. But I clearly remember the beam of pure white Light, because I had known it long before I learned Rieki. And I continue to pray that Light into my own heart, body, mind and spirit every time I think of it.
    God's Light is helping me wash away my fears of what might happen next in my life and our troubled world. It’s helping me feel less alone when my fellow human beings are not able to be here for me in the ways I need. It’s touching my heart in ways that nothing else can. This Light has even been chasing away a severe case of Lupus, which is caused by remote Directed Energy Weapons.

   If you are feeling in need of healing or stress relief and don't have 
the money to learn something like Rieki, try this on a regular basis
Especially those of you who are Targeted Individuals

Relax your body in a peaceful place, take slow deep breaths, close your eyes and imagine a large beam of pure white Light pouring down from the heavens and into your body. . .filling your whole body with Light until all the muck is washed away and you are also surrounded by a wall of protective Light. (Don’t forget to keep up the deep breathing) And adding a prayer for spiritual help can enhance this tremendously.

   If you can’t visualize pure white Light, keep trying and know that it WILL eventually come. The more you practice this the more you’ll feel and see its effects. If nothing else, this is sure to help you to relax and relieve stress, which is the first step to healing most things.

May the Light Guide us 
Through rough and stormy sea
Until we find our way
Into Eternity.