On Suffering

Some of us look down upon and judge those who become poor or homeless, instead of those who carelessly shove people into such despair.

Some of us think we choose our own reality, 
instead of seeing the deeper truths 
And finding the heart to care. 

Are we letting judgment build arrogance and greed
Into excuses to not help those in need?
It appears so.

   The truth is that there is a higher purpose to all suffering. Sometimes we suffer, in order  to offer opportunities for the opening of the Hearts in people around us. Sometimes we are cast into struggles, in order to gain the experience we need to help prevent others from suffering - Sometimes we suffer in order to gain more understanding for others. Sometimes suffering is an opportunity to open our own hearts more deeply. Sometimes suffering is to teach us how to ask for help. Sometimes those who are closest to God suffer the most. This list could go on almost endlessly. The reasons for suffering are as vast as the multitudes of complexities in life itself. None of it is because we are bad or lower than anyone else.

But one thing, I’m sure, remains the same:
We are not here for judgmental games.
To grow into Love, is why we came,
And to help find greed’s lost shame.

I’d thought that we
"Create our own reality"
Until Light shone into
All I did not see.
There is a grander plan,
Beyond the sphere of mind,
That sets Wisdom into
The toughest hills we climb.
God creates mine.