Saturday, March 17, 2012


As our world staggers 
Into multiple difficulties
We are being called 
To experience 
Deeper levels 
Of our own hearts.

Without Heart the body can’t survive.
 Without Heart the mind becomes cynical.
Without Heart the Spirit sways toward evil.

   As we face rising economical difficulties and intensifying disasters most of us are learning how to live with less. Some of us are cutting back on spending. Some of us are completely losing businesses, jobs and homes. Many of us are struggling between these two extremes. And we are all being called to open our Hearts to deeper levels than ever before. 

Death of a Heart

Our bodies can die - join our precious Earth.
And minds can die, even before birth.
But, God, help our world, torn so far apart.
God help the people  who suffer the death
Of a Heart.

More May Be Coming Soon. . .