Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Version of a Story I Heard

   A wealthy couple prayed for answers to their dilemma of how to invest the extra money they possessed.  After they finished their prayer they heard a voice say, “I am Jesus. I have the answer. Will you invited me to dinner and help me with my dilemma?” The couple cried out, “Yes, of course!”  And Jesus said, “I’ll be there tomorrow evening.”
   The couple spent the whole next day rushing around, cleaning their house and preparing a feast for Jesus. After setting the dinner table a knock came on the door and the couple rushed to open it. But they were disappointed when they saw a little poor boy with a runny nose and dirty fingers peaking through torn gloves on the hand he reached out as he begged, “Please help me, my mother is ill and we don’t have enough money for her medication.” “Oh, my!” the woman exclaimed as her husband sternly said, “Tell her to get a job,” as he closed the door.
   About five minutes later another knock sent them excitedly running for the door.  Again, they could not hide their disappointment,  when they were greeted by a bedraggled woman, who was holding a newspaper in one hand, as the other trembling hand lifted a cigarette to her chapped lips. “Please, I am being targeted and am scared” she cried, “ I need protection and financial help while I produce this paper that could help save humanity.”  “Oh - my - God!” The wife cussed before her husband angrily said, “You should get yourself some psychiatric help and we can’t give money to someone who smokes.”  The distressed woman nearly fainted as they closed the door without helping her.
    An hour later, the couple started getting worried that dinner would be too cold before their guest came. But another knock at the door lifted their spirits. . .until they opened it to find  an old, hungry, homeless man who started begging for food. “GO AWAY!” the wife yelled, “We are expecting a very important guest. Will you people just leave us alone!” “OK,” the beggar said as he turned and walked away.
   Several hours later, the couple were clearing unused dishes off the dinner table. Both were so disappointed that they went to bed without saying a word to each other.  This same silence filled their home through the next few months. . .until the wife knelt to pray while her husband was away. “Why,” she cried to Jesus, “Why did you not come for dinner as you said you would?” After a few minutes  Jesus said, “I did come to your house.” "NO YOU DIDN’T!”  the woman exclaimed with tears running down her cheeks. “Yes I did,” Jesus gently said, “ Three times I knocked on your door and three times you turned me away.  

We are ALL God's children.